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Chris Watson is a self-employed special effects technician currently based in Buckinghamshire, about 30 miles outside of London. Chris attended training courses at the Dawn Cragg College in Yorkshire, at FX Training Ltd in London and at the Panico Film Foundation in Soho and, after gaining some experience on student films in the mid 1990s, he began to work at Gorton & Painter as a modelmaker in the Spring of 1997.

By the following year, Chris had made contact with Elements Special Effects, and began to gain more experience working on set creating atmospheric, physical and pyrotechnic effects. Over the years, Chris has worked on a wide variety of projects for many other companies including Pirate, All Effects, Steve Bowman FX and LiveFX.

In 2012 Chris was given the opportunity to gain more experience working on live events. While continuing to work on film and TV Chris also spent the next five years working for EventFX on various projects including Six Nations Rugby, the ALJ football league in Saudi Arabia and the 1st European Games in Azerbaijan.